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27 is not my favorite number

on July 11, 2011

time flies!  in a wink of eyes, today is my 27th birthday. I am 27 years old. I thought I am a lil girl, but when I go out, there are many kids call me aunty, so I have to accept that I am an old lady now. huwaaaaaaa~

Thank you to my abah and especially, my mama for giving birth to me on this day after enduring 9 months of pregnancy and hours of pains before I took my first breath.

hurm.. dats all i guess… can’t bebel too much cuz tomorrow got some work with the Pelupusan ICT thingy to be settled! thanx to HQ for such a great birthday present! A Pelupusan ICT on My Birthday?? yeah… what a blast! lalalala~

btw, Happy Birthday to myself and to those who was born in the same day.



One response to “27 is not my favorite number

  1. Sue Ahh Tee says:

    Alhamdulillah…..bersyukurlah dgn nikmat yang Allah kurniakan selama 27 tahun ini dan mohonlah taqwa dan kebaikan serta keredhaannya utk menghadapi hari2 depan yg mendatang………..

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