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serious people please go away!

on March 7, 2012

go away serious people, i need humor and funny people in my life. serious is sux~ i mean it. u don’t know what i feel, try to be inside my shoes, everyday travelling to work from different state alor setar to kangar, and during weekend also on the road alor setar to penang.  i’m not mengeluh, but it makes me feel so sad. it’s about feelings! u’ll never understand how i feel. As i said, bukannya aku x bersyukur, i’m just writing, and luahkan pada kamu semua yang saya tidak happy. salahkah? salahkah andai saya sedih??? 

i’m not a smiling machine…. i do have time when i feel sad, emo and frustrated. dats what we call a human. so please don’t ceramah me with ayat2 perli blablabla…. saya tidak mahu mendengar itu semua. it makes me hurt and moreeeee sad. saya hanya mahukan anda semua to make some jokes, make me laugh please will ya? 

i wish i had time for myself. i’m so tired and sick of travelling. letih. sometimes i cried when i wuz driving. i wish i can spend more time at home than the roads and highways. tambahan lagi now dat i’m pregnant. since kahwin, xpernah lagi ada kesempatan hidup berdua bersama suami. just the two of us. teringin nak masak utk suami. jalani kehidupan berumahtangga yang normal mcm org lain. only on Ahad i can be with him but not totally…. i’m so jealous with others… ok, now i’m crying at my office… 😥

so people, please stop judging me when i said that i’m not happy or letih or my face look masam to you. please la..

btw thanx for your advice. but it seems more like a perlian to me. especially family members. i don’t need your perlian, i just need your support.




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