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a walk of life…

dealing with difficult people

On good days, I will be like laffy, hippy and all cheery. Talking and
joking like how I always do…

On a bad day, I could be crying and tearing away suddenly.. owh my heart is really like a toilet tissue~ although sometimes i looked strong, gagah perkasa dot com but… last night wuz such a greatest humiliation in my whole life. have u ever felt being  like a used and torn plastic bag? what does it feel being me on that situation? hurm…wonder wonder….

The most powerful thing for me dealing with difficult people, or everyone for that matter, is not taking things personally. Just that one agreement has the power to completely transform your life.

If something or someone frustrates you, the best way to flush out the negative feelings are to burn it off with a run. Dats what i did last nyte~ sorry cuz i made everyone worried. But i got no choice…before i turn into a mad and ugly  Godzilla, or even worst like an angry bird eventho they’re cute n adorable but very2 dangerous….

After all, I think we have enough to worry about ourselves. We waste too much time worrying about the opinions and approval of others. It’s not about us anyway. It’s about them~

I will try to remember that.

sekian, terima kasih….

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27 is not my favorite number

time flies!  in a wink of eyes, today is my 27th birthday. I am 27 years old. I thought I am a lil girl, but when I go out, there are many kids call me aunty, so I have to accept that I am an old lady now. huwaaaaaaa~

Thank you to my abah and especially, my mama for giving birth to me on this day after enduring 9 months of pregnancy and hours of pains before I took my first breath.

hurm.. dats all i guess… can’t bebel too much cuz tomorrow got some work with the Pelupusan ICT thingy to be settled! thanx to HQ for such a great birthday present! A Pelupusan ICT on My Birthday?? yeah… what a blast! lalalala~

btw, Happy Birthday to myself and to those who was born in the same day.


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sesuatu yang indah…hanya lahir dari kata-kata

Aku minta kepada Tuhan setangkai bunga segar, namun Dia beri kaktus berduri.

Aku minta kupu-kupu, diberiNya kepadaku ulat berbulu.

Aku sedih dan kecewa…

Namun kemudian.., kaktus itu berbunga indah sekali…dan ulat itu pun menjadi kupu-kupu yang sangat cantik sekali.

Itulah jalan Tuhan, indah pada masanya! Tuhan tidak memberi apa yang kita harapkan, tapi Ia memberi apa yang kita perlukan.

Kadang kita sedih, kecewa dan terluka… tapi jauh di atas sana segalanya Dia sedang mengatur yang terbaik dalam kehidupan kita.

Aku bersyukur kepadamu ya Allah…andai ini ketentuanMu… aku redha…

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my story about da city of L.O.V.E. Paris je’taime and London pt. 2

as u wish my dear Haniza, here comes my part 2 …hahaha.. she likes to hear my bebelan kot and i hope u guys too lah ya.. *wink *wink~

ok let’s all together be inside my story and feel it~ erm where did i stop on my pt. 1 huh? oh ya.. we arrived at our Hotel at Bayswater, London around 11.30 pm(jam London) ,checked in and then bushhh….krohhh krohhhh~ sleep la wey tired like hell. The next day baru la nak Jalan2 Cari Makan and Taking pictures dot com… got up early dat morning to have our 1st time breakfast di Kota London…weeehuu and of course la having an English Breakfast 🙂

cornflakes and milk nyummeh!

My camera became my very best friend, I depended largely on it to snap pictures of places and moments that I fear that one day I may forget.

At the end of the trip, I have over a thousand photographs, and I don’t know which one to post up. I figure I’ll post it up over time, even if the particular post has no specific relevance to the photograph. Haha! But I’m sure it will tell a story. Somehow, someway. Smile

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention, it was early spring when I arrived. As you can see from some of  my photograph, there were many barren trees. I thought the weather was rather beautiful, when I arrived. Blue skies, so different from the blue we have here back home.

see...those trees? it's early spring~

ok, sambung blk cerita… our plan for dat day (1st day in London) were:

1- visit my big brother along’s favourite kipas-susah-nak-mati football team – Chelsea’s Stadium located in Stamford Bridge. Ever since we arrived at Paris he kept messaging me tru phone reminding me to go there and take as many pictures as i can. duhhh~ soooo annoying to have a brother like dat, kept bothering me the whole day about his Chelsea’s team    “dun forget to go to Stamford Bridge!” … the next 5 minutes later…tiiiittt my phone rang again “say it out loud again, stamford bridgeeeee”. Yes he did dat to me the whole day! Psycho kan? so now, enjoice the photos yaaa… and Along, this one is for ya!


oh man, I have more to tell you readers, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I have to wake up early to get ready for work at 6am tomorrow and I am still awake. I feel obliged to at least give an opening to my journey which I have been raving about all month. But I promise I’ll detail it out; just give me some more time. Smile

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my story about da city of L.O.V.E. Paris…. je’taime and London pt. 1

You cannot imagine how unbelievably happy I was (and still am) when suddenly your dreams come true… Remember my aims for this year? That sumday  i want to go to visit my dear lovely sistah Anith who’s studying in France? and also my dreams since i wuz a tiny little gurl who always wanna meet her prince charming at the city of love Paris…hahaha~ well, guess what, I finally got the green lights from my ‘savings account’ to visit London and France! hahaha. Alhamdulillah….and yeah…dah habis pun. but i guess i’m soo puas hati!xpa la kan, duet bleh cari len…well,  this wuz my very first time travelled outside the country except to Thailand la!.. and dats why i wuz soo excited plus gedix lebeh~ maap lah yo…

Anyway, this was particularly special to me because I have waited sooo long time for this trip. Literally. Ever since I was 12, I have been listening to the wonders of the outside world and how very different it is from the place I am living in.

the arrival at Orly Airport, Paris

I can still vividly remember the minute I stepped out of from the 14-hour AirAsia flight (lama x hengat…brapa kali tdoq,makan,tdoq balik,mkn plak haih!), to the airport and yes, my sweet little sistah wuz there waiting for our arrival. owh lupa lak nak gtaw ‘our’ means i pi sana not alone ya..with my aunty liza(mama anith a.k.a mama i jugaks), azzuan(her emo brother) and kak ida dearest. Ok2 now smbung blk feel, humph…. I remember the drastic change of weather and how it felt against my skin. I remember the sudden blast of cold air that made me shiver – with anticipation and utter disbelief. I remember, oh yes I remember walking on the grounds of orly airport thinking to myself: Ummul, you’re finally in France. Finally.

so, here are some of my photos to share with all of you guys~ semua flow start from the arrival at orly paris, smpai ke terminus st. pancrass London~ weeehu enjoice! and, oh ya! ikuti sambungannya on my next post~ i’ll bragg about my stay in London~ lalalala! c ya!

dear France, Ummul wuz hereeeee!!!

di main Paris terminus Gare du Nord untuk naek Eurostar heading to London~

tgh isi borang untuk ke London from Paris menaiki Eurostar

muka letih after 14 hours flight then add on 2 hours inside eurostar heading to london

muka keletihan selepas 14 jam atas flight smbg plak 2 jam ke london~ sbr ya aunty liza n kak ida...hehe

yeay~ dah smpai london~ di King Cross St. Pancras~ jum naek tube plak. heading to our hotel at Bayswater Hotel

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dari kekasih buat kekasih…

Kekasihku, Hari ini aku mengadu pada sang KEKASIH, pencipta kau dan aku. Aku ingin menjadi kekasihmu yang patuh pada sang KEKASIH. Aku mohon pada sang KEKASIH agar ditautkan hatiku dan hatimu agar kita bisa jadi sepasang kekasih yang diredhai sang KEKASIH.

Kekasihku sayang, Aku ingin menjadi sandaran hatimu. Menenangkan tatkala kau kecewa atau terluka tapi aku tidak mahu kau lupa pada sang KEKASIH kerana aku terlalu kasih pada sang KEKASIH. Aku mahu kau menjadi kekasihku yang hebat tanpa melupakan sang KEKASIH.

Wahai kekasihku, Aku kekasihmu yang akan berdoa saban waktu agar sang KEKASIH memudahkan perjalanan hidupku dan hidupmu. Aku kekasihmu tapi aku tak mampu membahagiakanmu setiap waktu, lalu aku mohon pada sang KEKASIH agar kekasihku bahagia dan dilimpahi cinta sang KEKASIH.

Kekasihku, Aku tidak mahu kau jadi kekasih yang lemah. Janganlah kita tunduk pada hawa nafsu. Aku mahu jadi kekasih yang bernilai di mata kekasihku agar diredhai sang KEKASIH. Aku menyayangimu duhai kekasihku!

Wahai Kekasih, Aku kekasihmu yang terlalu daif. Apa yang ada padaku adalah hak milik sang KEKASIH. Aku ingin jadi kekasihmu yang tahu erti syukur dan aku juga mahu kekasihku selalu bersyukur.

Cinta kerana Allah adalah cinta yang aku cari, kerana cinta kerana-Nya adalah CINTA yang diredhai dan jika cinta tanpa redha ibu bapaku, maka tiadalah redha Ilahi dan aku rela untuk memutuskan hubungan cintaku andai mereka tidak redha dengan cintaku kerana aku perlukan cinta yang diredhai kerana kekasihku lah yang bakal bertakhta dihatiku dan menemaniku hingga ke hujung nyawaku…

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dugaan buatmu…

Engkau dalam percintaan
Beranikah menempuh dugaan
Kerana kubimbang
Kau tak mampu untuk bersama
Menghadapi rintangan
Di hari muka
Bukan mudah
Untuk menguji hatimu
Bukan maksud
Menolak cintamu terhadapku
Harap kau bertahan
Bukan hanya di permulaan
Ku tak ingin lagi
Mengejar bayang...
Entahkah apa gerangan
Jiwaku rasa tertekan
Setelah lama ditinggalkan
Sunyi tanpa berteman..
Peritnya kanangan silam
Kuharap tidak berulang
Tak ingin lagi aku dilukai
Memang banyak dugaan
Terpaksa kupertaruhkan
Maafkanlah aku..
Kekasihku ..
Dugaan datang menguji
Tiada erti
Tanpa kesungguhan yang kau beri
Kan terbenam nanti
Dan yang rapuh gagal berdiri
Andai kita mungkir
Berpegang janji..


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a brand new life…

Now I’m posting this, because I’d like to start making goals for myself. well, i did! for last year, i put some goals and alhamdulillah i achieved it~

so, here i am now… a 26 year old woman, still single, young and energetic (alhamdulillah) , a daughter to a loving parents, with a gud job, and also a student with lots of dreams to achieve  new life to live. And somehow i believe year 2011 gonna be marvellous. hopefully yes… amin…

and my goals for a new year is:

To start my new life today, and stop living the old one!

dats it~ tq 🙂



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tahajjud cinta…

Kau datang ketika duka
Dan bintang bercahya
Tunjukku ke jalan syurga

Ku haus di tengah laut
Lemas mencari tempat berpaut
Kirimkan aku kekuatan
Serta pedoman dikesesatan

Ku sunyi dalam gembira
Perih pedih tanggung derita
Sungguh aku bukan wali
Yang suci dari hina dan benci

Kau datang ketika duka
Dan bintang bercahya
Tunjukku ke jalan syurga..

Terlalu lama aku mencuba
Terlalu banyak cinta yang ku damba
Tiada yang sempurna hanyalah fana
Tuhan.. ampuni hambaMu

Kau datang ketika duka
Dan bintang bercahya
Tunjukku ke jalan syurga..

Ku rebah di dada malam
Memecah dendam yang lama diam
Ku tanggalkan baju dunia
Dakapku dengan selimut syurga

Ya Tuhanku hanya padaMu
Tempat mengadu segala rindu
Limpahiku rahmat kasihmu
Dalam Tahajjud Cinta bersujud

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Jangan Biarkan Cinta Menangis

Ada kerinduan hampiri hatiku
Membawa diriku di dalam kesunyian
Kau bawa aku terbang
Dan melupakan semua masalah tentang kita

Rasa rindu ini tak pernah berlalu
Iringi langkahku mengusik di jiwaku
Kau aku bawa terbang
Dan melupakan semua masalah tentang kita

Tak ingin aku mendengar kata berpisah darimu
Sungguh ku tak sanggup menerima kenyataan ini

Tak ingin aku mendengar kata berpisah darimu
Berikanlah aku kesempatan meyakinkan cinta kita

Begitu ku agungkan cinta
Yang tertulis nyata di hatiku
Jangan biarkan cinta ini menangis…



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