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i’m getting married tomorrow!

on October 27, 2011

Yep, it’s finally that time.  I’m getting married…. TOMORROW!! Esok! ya la isokkk!  I’m writing this post when I probably should be preparing my stuff for my wedding tomorrow! but guess what, i’m still in the office, reja! huwaaaaaa! what to do, cuti tahunan da abeh la kot aritu cuti panjang sgt pi holiday kat Parisss~ humph! sokay la…btw, things feel so hectic, even though I’ve been planning for this weekend for over a month.  I want to enjoy things in the moment that they come, rather than as I mentally check things off of a massive to-do list.   I need a minute to center my thoughts. How would I normally do this?  Probably ….  in front of a mirror??? xpa2..sat nak pi cari mirror,ahah  mirror ada kat toilet ofis nih!  In the past, a few minutes staring at myself in the mirror has felt calming.  A sort of “yep, here I am, the world really isn’t spinning any faster than usual!” moment.  But I’m not doing that today!  Sebab… alhmdulillah yesterday (cuti khennnn..deepavali) dah setel everything! baju nikah siap! hantaran siap! doorgifts siap! lalalala! Lucky for me to have my dear lil sister Anith a.k.a. ‘miss France’ helping me with all the stuff! my wedding planner from france ya’all! hehe! merci! merci! the hantarans look soooooo lovely n looooove it! thanx to mama n anith ya! and to all yg sponsor, kak bada,kak mar, umi, aunty liza, kak anaz etc. wahhhh mcm artis plak uolsss ada sponsor2 neh! haha! memey keeeeeeww? hello i mumui k.. ok enuf.

Well it’s finally come! Tomorrow is going to be one of the best days of my life!

I’m getting married to my love of my life the most handsome and kind-hearted man  I’ve ever met, Saifuddin. 🙂

Doakan kebahagiaan kami… amin….


lagu ni i tuju kat bakal asben iols… 🙂 ngeeeee~

-bakal pengantin-

mumui sepet


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