Sepet in The City

a walk of life…

my story about da city of L.O.V.E. Paris…. je’taime and London pt. 1

on May 31, 2011

You cannot imagine how unbelievably happy I was (and still am) when suddenly your dreams come true… Remember my aims for this year? That sumday  i want to go to visit my dear lovely sistah Anith who’s studying in France? and also my dreams since i wuz a tiny little gurl who always wanna meet her prince charming at the city of love Paris…hahaha~ well, guess what, I finally got the green lights from my ‘savings account’ to visit London and France! hahaha. Alhamdulillah….and yeah…dah habis pun. but i guess i’m soo puas hati!xpa la kan, duet bleh cari len…well,  this wuz my very first time travelled outside the country except to Thailand la!.. and dats why i wuz soo excited plus gedix lebeh~ maap lah yo…

Anyway, this was particularly special to me because I have waited sooo long time for this trip. Literally. Ever since I was 12, I have been listening to the wonders of the outside world and how very different it is from the place I am living in.

the arrival at Orly Airport, Paris

I can still vividly remember the minute I stepped out of from the 14-hour AirAsia flight (lama x hengat…brapa kali tdoq,makan,tdoq balik,mkn plak haih!), to the airport and yes, my sweet little sistah wuz there waiting for our arrival. owh lupa lak nak gtaw ‘our’ means i pi sana not alone ya..with my aunty liza(mama anith a.k.a mama i jugaks), azzuan(her emo brother) and kak ida dearest. Ok2 now smbung blk feel, humph…. I remember the drastic change of weather and how it felt against my skin. I remember the sudden blast of cold air that made me shiver – with anticipation and utter disbelief. I remember, oh yes I remember walking on the grounds of orly airport thinking to myself: Ummul, you’re finally in France. Finally.

so, here are some of my photos to share with all of you guys~ semua flow start from the arrival at orly paris, smpai ke terminus st. pancrass London~ weeehu enjoice! and, oh ya! ikuti sambungannya on my next post~ i’ll bragg about my stay in London~ lalalala! c ya!

dear France, Ummul wuz hereeeee!!!

di main Paris terminus Gare du Nord untuk naek Eurostar heading to London~

tgh isi borang untuk ke London from Paris menaiki Eurostar

muka letih after 14 hours flight then add on 2 hours inside eurostar heading to london

muka keletihan selepas 14 jam atas flight smbg plak 2 jam ke london~ sbr ya aunty liza n kak ida...hehe

yeay~ dah smpai london~ di King Cross St. Pancras~ jum naek tube plak. heading to our hotel at Bayswater Hotel


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