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26th and still single???

on July 5, 2010

Dear 26th year,

You are not off to what most people would refer to as “a good start”.

In fact, some might say you’re  looking a little scary right now.

26 and still single! erm, ok i lied, 26 and already a divorcee~ and now single! yes, dats correct.

I had enough issues with the fact that it was the 26th birthday, but I got over it and even decided to celebrate it…even though part of me would rather just sit at home in the dark.

So, I called up a few friends and we made plans to hit the town. i’ll get on the plane diz friday to meet my conventrianz gurlfrens, yeay! yes, only gurlfrens! cuz each year, when it comes to my birthday, something will happen. for example, last year, i divorced. diz year, my bf ask for a break off. same like past years. i think i had been cursed la! haiyaaa~

So, needless to say, 26th birthday, you really have nowhere to go but UP from here.  No pressure, but if you could just go ahead and make some nice, fluffy, good things happen, it would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to another big year.




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