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2009 was not my year at all~

on December 21, 2009

2009 has been a bad year for me. As in it was a year of bad luck. Why? Well I experienced a lot of bad things, financially, emotionally, and physically. Financially, I never get to have savings. Its either I ended up without money or I’m having hard times budgeting my earned money. Emotionally, I’m divorced, and my personal life is like hanging by a thread not sure when to let go. Every morning when I wake up I always think that I’m a big loser! Physically, I gained weight, and seriously I’m fat! Perhaps all of these bad luck came from stress, from the shitty heads around me. I hate this year and yet I’m still thankful since me and my family, we’re all healthy and alive. Its just that I think this year is not fair to me, its like a year for me to suffer and be tested by problems. And now, as i woke up this morning I never want to go to work, I hate working on something that I’m not proud of and if ever I did something its not appreciated so I guess my Company have no use of me. I’m thinking of resigning, but I’m still not sure of that plan I have since this is not a good year for me, and not a good year to risk loosing a job because of the economic crisis. Secondly, all I want to do for now is rest, sleep, enjoy, and just relax. But what can I do I’m living in a third world country, my family is not rich and I can’t afford to support myself without having this f!@#$%^& job. Gosh, help me! I want to go back to my college years when I have no problems other than how to spend my allowance. I hope I can win a jackpot like ” SHOP ALL YOU WANT” even just for a day and for sure after that I’ll be more than OK!


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