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Where is my prince charming?

on December 13, 2009

This question cuts to the quick. It gets to the tough stuff of life — issues of the heart that are tender and fragile and emotionally charged. Well, this month as we all know, is wedding month! there’s a lot of ‘kenduri’ to be attend. and it will makes me feel very2 upset~ i’ve started questioning myself…

Some among us thought they’d found that one special relationship. They invested time and emotional energy in it, only to be disappointed as they watched it crumble in a heap of unfulfilled expectations and broken dreams. Others among us (I am in this camp) have never yet found that one special person to love and be loved.

I can’t begin to tell you the searing pain I experience every time someone pats my hand and says, “Allah has someone out there for you,” or “Be patient, Prince Charming is just around that next corner.” Well, I suppose he could be…but…. what should i do? should i just sit down and relax? or should i make a move? no, dats just sooo wrong. what should i do???

The fact is that in human relationships—despite fairytale hopes and fantasies—there are few guarantees. After years of missteps and disappointments, I have come to understand the danger in placing too much emphasis on one lateral special relationship, however sweet it ends up becoming. Because no relationship between human beings can fulfill completely. It will always have its disappointments, its days of regret, its untenable loneliness of being inches away from each other physically while being galaxies apart emotionally. Such is the hazard of relationships in a fallen world.


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