Sepet in The City

a walk of life…

my heart, my soul, my passion…

on August 25, 2009

only Allah knows how i feel rite now…

start questioning myself..blaming myself…should i??? This weight upon my heart..i can’t carry it anymore…

why me? why not other people?

for this end…i ran as fast as i could to reach here…

* for the past years..i spent my everything fighting for, i don’t have the space.. ‘quality’

*for the past month…i spent my whole life my everything for make sure the distance, the happiness, the tears..all under my control…now it’s too hard…’lost’.

*for the past days..i spent my everything for this…for ‘THIS’… today, i almost fall..this time really hurt…is it too much what i’m asking for?

all i want is my happiness..where is it..?walk_with_flowers


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