Sepet in The City

a walk of life…


on August 21, 2009

Fasting as a single woman, perhaps I will reach its truer meaning–sympathy for those who are hungry, hurting, and alone.

As I begin my Ramadan fast this year, sadly and pathetically I’m celebrating it alone ‘again’. not as I expected it’s going to be, like my brother with his lovely wife n soon the baby. yeah..poor me.

This time of the year can be kind of a downer. I’m trying my very best to believe that I am fasting the month of Ramadan…alone. Some people are used to having loved ones wake them up for Sahur. Someone is always there to make sahur or lead prayer. i have myself but most importantly Allah has Me. With this in mind, i can either feel depressed (which is normal during the holidays) or i can take advantage of the situation. but luckily my family is here with me tonight to celebrate the 1st day of Ramadhan 2moro. luv u ma, abah, n baby 😉

I remember when I was a lil kid. The dining table was filled with kuih-muih and everyone’s fav food. me, my dad, my mom n my brothers would gather just before sunset to open fasts. Freshly fried cucoq kodok; yummy n sweet kuih cara; spicy sambal tumis udang; soft, hot, murtabak and sweet dishes like agar-agar merah. simple but delicious! Me n my brothers would sit before this grand table, eyeing the items that our mom had spent the whole day preparing and whose scent had filled our home.

Ramadan is family time. My family, for instance, after breaking the fast with kuih-muih,we would pray together and then have another meal – dinner – together, and then after isya’ will go to masjid together n perform our tarawih with other muslims.

But to fast alone–to fast single–makes the process more alienating than it already is. Eating eggs and burnt toast at 5 a.m., while watching a whatever channel, is really makes me so ‘insaf’ and cherish every single minute of my life. Ramadan single is perhaps, in a way, reaching a truer meaning of Ramadan. Although families observe Ramadan as a unit, Ramadan is actually not meant to be fun. Ramadan alone is more suffering than Ramadan together. It can make you more sympathetic to the plight of those who are hungry, helpless, and alone. For those who fast the full 30 days with sincerity, great rewards are promised. Hopefully, for my female readers, a mate will be one of them.


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